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The Boy Mom Podcast with Monica Swanson and Friends

May 19, 2021

Whether or not you’ve ever had anger issues before, Motherhood seems to reveal our hidden anger issues. While anger is a normal emotion, it can be handled in negative and destructive ways which can hurt our kids and our relationship with them.  This was a big struggle for me when my kids were young, and I’ve heard from so many moms who feel shame and sadness over how this has affected their parenting.


Today’s guest, Natalie Hixson, shares her story of overcoming destructive mommy anger, and how this led her to learn more about the problem and ultimately become a coach -- helping other women overcome destructive anger habits!  This episode is full of compassion and encouragement as well as practical tips and tools. Natalie also offers a free “Triggers Tracker” download. 


Today’s episode:


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Note: One thing that helped ME overcome anger patterns in my parenting was to get intentional about what I focused on as a parent.  Focusing on my kids’ character was a huge help for me in this way.  Now I have great news!  From June 1st- 7th,  I will be opening the doors to my Character Training Course which teaches parents to raise kids of excellent character! I hope you can be a part of this awesome online course – filled with practical help, resources, interviews, and videos! Sign up on the interest list at: