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The Boy Mom Podcast with Monica Swanson and Friends

Aug 18, 2021

Mom to five boys, Jeannie Cunnion has written two parenting books which very well may be on your shelf. ;) Recently, Jeannie narrowed in on the greatest parenting tool she has discovered: The power of the Holy Spirit! And now she doesn't want any of us to miss out on all that is available to us through the Holy Spirit! 

Today Jeannie joins us to talk about the benefits of having the Holy Spirit’s daily presence in our life. I love how understandable and practical Jeannie makes things, and I love that when we really grasp the Holy Spirit in our own lives, we can naturally teach our kids to do the same.  This is a powerful conversation and I hope you enjoy!

Show notes:

Thank you to this episode's sponsor, -a subscription box delivered straight from the Holy Land, full of incredible goodies for your whole family.  (See show notes for a peek at my most recent box!)