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The Boy Mom Podcast with Monica Swanson and Friends

Aug 25, 2021

What our kids believe will create a roadmap for the choices they will make for the rest of their lives. Teaching kids to discern God's voice from the enemy's lies is one of the greatest ways we can help them form right beliefs which will lead to good choices. 

After a traumatic life experience, Charity Rios learned what it means to "tend her heart", replacing the enemy's lies with God's Truth. Now that she has four sons, Charity is teaching them these same concepts. Charity shares how to do this in her new children’s book, My Heart's Garden, which has concepts simple enough for young children to understand, but deep enough to impact adults as well.

In today's conversation, Charity shares her story, gives the simple steps to tending your heart, and offers examples of how we might walk through these steps with our kids. I think you'll find it practical and encouraging!

Show notes: