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The Monica Swanson Podcast

Sep 1, 2021

Sharing a fun chat with Josiah (22) and Jonah (20) who are answering questions listeners have sent in. In this interview we cover their relationship as siblings (“Did you always like each other?”...“Did you ever fight?”) as well as how/when they made their faith their own. They talk about how they feel about homeschooling now, in light of how it prepared them for college.  Finally, they talk a bit about their relationship with their mom. (aww) I love all that they share, and they even have some advice for the kids listening! 

*At the beginning of this episode I take a few minutes to address questions listeners have sent in for my husband, a hospital physician, related to Covid and the vaccine. Since I know there are many more questions, I am hoping to do a Q and A episode with Dr. Dave on the podcast in a couple weeks! (stay tuned.)

Show notes: