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The Monica Swanson Podcast

Oct 26, 2022

This is the 10th part of the 2022 monthly feature on the podcast, covering the “12 Things Your Son Needs Most from You” from my book, Boy Mom. Today I am sharing some snippets from Chapter 11 – A Lot Going On. In this chapter I focus on the things we can do as parents to prepare our sons for an emotionally healthy future.


I talk about the importance of an emotional vocabulary, how to communicate with our sons about their feelings, and the surprising value of family togetherness. I talk about how we might model emotional resilience, even when we are feeling stressed or anxious. I cover many ways we can equip our sons with coping skills for emotional health – from self-awareness to understanding an internal locus of control. We talk about navigating hard times (including depression, anxiety, and bullying) and the importance of teaching our boys to get help when they need it!  There is a lot in this chapter, and as always, I am offering a free printable download: Dinnertime conversation starters for your family!


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