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The Monica Swanson Podcast

Nov 2, 2022

This week's guest ushers us into the holidays with wisdom, grace, and laughter. 

Grab a cup of coffee and join Lana Stenner and I for a fun chat about raising goats and chickens, the joy of grown kids who still gather around the table, and perspectives that will lead us into the holidays embracing a slower, simpler rhythm. (How good does that sound!?)

Lana Stenner is a homesteading, goat-and-chicken raising, garden-growing mom who doesn’t take herself too seriously. Her new book, The Grace-Filled Homestead is irresistible, with the most beautiful photos, delicious recipes, helpful household tips, and wisdom from the farm. In today’s episode we talk about Lana’s journey to becoming a homesteader, family lessons she has learned, and wisdom for facing the holidays in the midst of busy family seasons. Lana also shares about her brain tumor diagnosis, and how that impacted her in the middle of writing a book.  I hope this interview will be a breath of fresh air to you as you enter the holiday season!

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