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The Monica Swanson Podcast

Mar 24, 2020

My son Jonah has worked incredibly hard to pursue his college dream.  In today's episode Jonah shares what he did as a high school student to put himself in the best situation possible to get accepted to his dream college, and even more -- to receive an honors scholarship to that college.  We talk about the things Jonah thinks matter most in high school (I promise I didn't tell him what to say! ) as well as coursework, internships, community involvement, and so much more. Jonah talks about his crazy SAT study method (it's impressive, I must say) and what he did to improve his score over time.  Jonah also talks about the honor's scholarship contest he was invited to, and what that looked like.  I think this is a great episode to share with your kids and I hope it inspires some of them to start dreaming of their own exciting futures, now!