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The Monica Swanson Podcast

May 26, 2020

This episode is for anyone who either has a child with special needs, or knows someone who does. (pretty sure that is everyone!) This topic was born out of my own desire to be a better friend; to not let my lack of knowledge or awkwardness get in the way of better supporting my friends who have kids with special needs.  I'm pretty sure I am not not alone in all of this, and I'm so grateful Sandra Peoples was willing to come on to guide us from her experience, and with so much grace. 

Sandra has a son with Autism and she was also raised with a sister with Down Syndrome.  Because of this she understands well what special needs families need most.   Sandra gives us practical advice on how we can support our friends (the parents of the kids) and ALSO how our kids can be a good friend to the child with special needs as well as to the "typical" siblings of them!  This is so packed with ideas, inspiration and grace, I hope you love it!  Please pass this episode on to your friends and find show notes over at:

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