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The Boy Mom Podcast with Monica Swanson and Friends

Nov 3, 2020

Wendy Speake’s new book, The 40-Day Social Media Fast, is an invitation to exchange your online distractions for real-life devotion. Today, Wendy joins us to talk about all of the things we Moms tend to run to on hard parenting days -- social media being a big one in today’s culture, but not the only one! So, if you (like me) ever catching yourself mindlessly scrolling…turning to Facebook or Instagram, Amazon Prime or Netflix, (just to name a few) to numb you or distract you from the things (and people) in your life, I think today’s episode will hit home.  No condemnation here, just a ton of love and support, and some practical ideas for how we might exchange those draining distractions for life-giving, real-life devotion. 

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Today’s episode:


Thank you to the Good Book Company for sponsoring this episode!  Be sure to see show notes to find out more about an amazing new Family Advent book called “A Better Than Anything Christmas.”  (It's darling!!)  Find out more at