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The Monica Swanson Podcast

Aug 31, 2022

This is #8 of the 2022 monthly feature on the podcast, covering the “12 Things Your Son Needs Most from You” from my book, Boy Mom. Today I am sharing some snippets from Chapter 9 – Inspiring Young Minds! This chapter is all about motivating boys to learn and helping them discover what will fuel their soul (and hopefully stick with them into adulthood!)

We cover a lot in this episode – from creating a rich learning environment in the home, to small shifts that might help kids learn better (getting some fresh air, stand-up for math!? and more!) We also talk about the importance of introducing kids to a variety of sports and activities, and allowing them to discover their passions at their own pace… I love this topic and I hope you do, too!

Be sure to check show notes for all of the links I mention, and a free download with conversation starters for fostering a growth mindset in your kids!

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