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The Boy Mom Podcast with Monica Swanson and Friends

Oct 6, 2021

Billy Graham was one of (if not the) most impactful evangelists of all time, and now we get to hear from his daughter and granddaughter as they share stories from their family legacy.  Billy’s granddaughter, Rachel-Ruth joins us today to share some of those stories and the heart behind the book, Jesus Followers: Real-Life Lessons For Igniting Faith in the Next Generation. (co-written with her mom, Anne Graham Lotz.) 


Parents today are raising what has been called the “least religious generation.” What can Christian families do to make sure their faith is not only lived out in their homes but received by the next generation?  That is what this book is all about.  Rachel-Ruth has such a sweet, gentle spirit, but she is also bold in her convictions. Her love for Jesus and passion for sharing the Truth is contagious.  I think you’ll be inspired as you listen!


Show notes:


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