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The Boy Mom Podcast with Monica Swanson and Friends

Oct 13, 2021

Whether you work outside the home or not, moms have a way of filling their days and then some...The overwhelm of  rushed mornings, exhausting evenings, or the dreaded #mondaymorning are so very real!  Today we get to hear from a working mom who definitely understands!  Toni-Ann Mayembe is a family dentist, a reservist in the Navy, a blogger and podcaster, and an intentional, involved #boymom and wife, and yet, she is holding it all together with style!  And even more, Toni-Ann is on a mission to help moms eliminate the overwhelm and enjoy motherhood while being authentic with themselves and others. 

In this interview, Toni-Ann walks us through the three routines she believes can make a big difference in your family life.  She also offers a link to get a free download to help make that happen.  This is such a fun and practical conversation – I hope you enjoy!

Show notes: