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The Boy Mom Podcast with Monica Swanson and Friends

Oct 20, 2021

When life is difficult, it can be hard to believe that God is for you – that He is truly working all things together for your good. If you have ever wrestled with these thoughts, then this interview with Megan Fate Marshmann -- gifted Bible teacher, storyteller, and writer is just for you.  I recorded this interview in early 2021 to talk about the message in her incredible book, Meant for Good, but days before the interview was scheduled to release, Megan’s husband Randy had a sudden heart attack and departed for heaven. The message from Megan’s book became only more relevant and profound. 

I held on to the interview for many months and am so grateful for the chance to share it now. Megan's words are powerful and I think you’ll be encouraged -- whether you’re currently in a good season, or a hard one.  Perhaps you know someone who needs to hear this message now (please pass it along!)  Find all of the links in show notes…

Show notes:  www.monicaswanson,.com/episode-128