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The Monica Swanson Podcast

Jun 8, 2022

Wendy Speake, long-time friend of the Podcast, (she’s my most frequent, and probably most-requested guest!) is back with us for another great Mom-to-Mom chat this week.  Wendy and I are talking about a topic from one of the books she has co-authored with Amber Lia, “Parenting Scripts.”

I think you would agree that a universal parenting challenge is that of finding yourself in a moment of frustration, with the need to correct or discipline, but the “right words” simply don’t come. In moments like these we often tend to say the wrong thing…something we later regret. Wendy and I talk about how differently things go when we think ahead, consider our words or actions, and get intentional about our response! That’s the heart of Parenting Scripts and it is a game changer. I think this episode will be a big encouragement, and hopefully springboard you into some parenting scripts of your own!

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