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The Monica Swanson Podcast

Jun 15, 2022

When it comes to understanding boys, David Thomas is someone I have learned so much from. With over 25 years of counseling experience, and having co-authored multiple books, David has a heart for helping boys build the “emotional muscles” that are an essential, yet often-neglected part of a boy’s journey to manhood.  Today we get to talk about the practical help he offers parents in his brand-new book, “Raising Emotionally Strong Boys”, and in the companion guide (for boys) “Strong and Smart: A Boy’s Guide to Building Healthy Emotions”.

In today's interview, David defines “emotional healthiness”, and explains why emotions can be difficult for boys to communicate about. He talks about the “3 R’s” that can help boys respond to stress, and so much more!  I appreciate David’s compassionate and practical help so much, and I think all parents will benefit from what he shares!

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