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The Monica Swanson Podcast

Sep 21, 2022

This week I am bringing back an episode from the past on a topic that is on a lot of parents' minds. I get asked about kids and video games, a lot, and have never felt qualified to give a comprehensive answer.  We are not much of a video game family, but I am not fully anti-video game, either.  So, I have always wanted to bring someone on who has an educated, balanced approach.  Boy did this conversation exceed my expectations!!

Liz Busby, a researcher and writer for the Protect Young Minds website (now called, "Defend Young Minds",) a dedicated mom to four, and an enthusiastic gamer herself, 😯 joins us today to talk all about kids and video games! Liz shares the pros and cons of allowing our kids to use video games, precautions to take, resources to turn to, and so much more (including her top recommendations for games families can play together and how they might work in our favor(!)  

While I have not changed my overall stance on video games for my own family (less is more - focus on outdoor activities, physical and academic challenges, etc. and use video games "occasionally") there is no doubt -- THIS was a surprising, fascinating, and really fun conversation. I also just might be trying some new games with my family soon!

More good news: Liz is sharing all of her notes with Boy Mom listeners over in show notes. See link below!

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