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The Monica Swanson Podcast

Sep 28, 2022

This is the ninth part of the 2022 monthly feature on the podcast, covering the “12 Things Your Son Needs Most from You” from my book, Boy Mom. Today I am sharing some snippets from Chapter 10 – Body Wise. This chapter covers some of the ways we can help our boys to grow up to be active, healthy, and motivated to take care of themselves for a lifetime.  

When our kids are young they depend on us for all of their health choices, and that is no small responsibility. As they grow up, we can still teach and coach and guide them in their decisions. I share some of the ways Dave and I have done this with our boys and things I’ve learned from friends who have navigated: overweight kids, picky eaters, and all the rest! I hope this offers you some food for thought (haha, catch that?) and maybe springboards you into some good conversations with your family about health…now and in their future!

Be sure to check show notes for all of the links I mention, and a free download with some “boy-approved” (healthy-ish) foods we try to keep on hand for our boys!

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