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The Monica Swanson Podcast

Apr 28, 2020

This episode just scratches the surface on so many questions I've been saving...Let me know if you love it, and we'll do more of these!  Today I tackle the story of how our family started homeschooling, what we love about it, and tips for inspiring boys to read.  I talk about boys' need for adventure, and how you can help meet that need -- outside or in!  I answer a question from a mom who is reluctant in the kitchen, sharing a mindset shift that is good for all of us.  THEN, my 16 yr. old, Luke, joins me to address all of the questions about video games and whether or not our boys play games.  Finally I get Luke and Jonah to each answer the question:  What is one thing your parents have done differently (from what they see 'out there') that they are GLAD we've done differently...and what is one thing they didn't like but think they'll be glad about later. ;)  
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