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The Boy Mom Podcast with Monica Swanson and Friends

Jun 9, 2020

This episode is a dream come true for me.  Thunderstorm Artis has been a favorite young man of mine for years; ever since he brought my sons on board with him to lead worship for our local church youth group, I have been a fan of both his music and his heart.  In today's episode, Thunder shares his story of growing up as one of 11 children in a musical family, losing his Dad to a sudden heart attack when he was just thirteen, then going on to pursue a career in music as a young adult.  This last winter Thunder entered the blind auditions for NBC's "The Voice", and received the highest response from the judges in a "four-chair turn."  Thunder made it through all of the rounds of the competition and all the way into the finals.  In this interview we talk about his experience on the Voice as well as meeting and marrying his wife, Faith, in the middle of it all.  I also asked Thunder to share some of the lessons he learned from his parents who he has such great respect for.  I think you'll find great encouragement in his message to boy moms everywhere.  Thunder and I end the conversation by touching on the racial tensions in our world right now and I appreciated hearing Thunder's perspective from his experience (both here in Hawaii and on the mainland where he lives now.)

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