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The Boy Mom Podcast with Monica Swanson and Friends

Dec 1, 2020

Kate Merrick and I wanted to share a chat about gifts in the holiday season.  Because, as Kate said, "There are a lot of gift guides out there, but not a lot of guidance on gifts."  So true.  So join us for a fun conversation where we share favorite holiday memories, expectations for the season ahead, and some guidance for choosing gifts that last this season.  Kate shares memories of being raised by divorced parents and has some encouraging words for single moms. We talk about the most important gifts we can give (hint, they aren’t the kind you get on Amazon.)  And then we get practical about actual gifts (yep, some of those are on Amazon,) that will not soon be forgotten (or put in the Goodwill bin ☺) This is the most fun and inspiring episode to kick off your Christmas season.  Find links to everything we chat about in show notes: 


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