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The Monica Swanson Podcast

Dec 28, 2022

Welcome to the FINAL episode of the Boy Mom Podcast!  Wait! Let me explain. Beginning next week (New Year's, 2023) this podcast will be called The Monica Swanson Podcast! 

In this very special, final episode of the Boy Mom Podcast, I am sharing highlights from the final TWO chapters of Boy Mom! This wraps up my monthly series which began in January of 2022! If you’ve missed any of the previous book highlights, be sure to go back and catch previous episodes from the last Wednesday of each month of the year!

This week we are talking about raising boys to embrace a solid worth ethic…how that begins in the home, and how we might motivate boys to be hard workers as they grow up!  After that we touch on the final chapter of Boy Mom, called “Ready, Set, Launch!”  This part brings up some emotions for me because it is a topic so near to my heart and also because this is the closing episode for the Boy Mom Podcast.  Oh, so many feelings! 

Be sure to visit show notes to get the free downloads mentioned:  A list of “Life Skills by Age” as well as the “Boy Mom Manifesto”!  I pray you have enjoyed this series and I will look forward to doing a similar series highlighting chapters from my next book: Raising Amazing, which comes out on February 21, 2023!

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