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The Monica Swanson Podcast

Jan 4, 2023

A New Season with Monica! 

Happy New Year and Welcome to the Monica Swanson podcast!  For over 3.5 years I have been sharing episodes on the Boy Mom Podcast, and you can still revisit all 190 episodes any time. (I recommend you do! – there’s some good stuff in there!)

But in this new year and new season, we are broadening our scope (and welcoming our girl moms – and all of the dads!) as we rebrand as the Monica Swanson Podcast!! (imagine the confetti!)

Today’s very short episode is a quick intro to this new season as I talk about what you can expect and about how excited I am to be releasing my next book – Raising Amazing – on February 21st!  

This podcast community has grown tremendously over the past couple of years with 1.7 million + downloads and so many new subscribers (hit the + to "follow"/subscribe!) and it is my heart to continue to serve you well.  I pray that you feel welcome here and I hope you will spread the word about the podcast with all of your family-loving friends!  

Find links and show notes at:

Podcast page (for all episodes)